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Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 20:32:21 -0800 (PST)
From: Daniel Swords <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Peugeot PX-10E
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Hi fellow PX 10 fans,

I have three of these, two purchased new by me.

My 1972 has serial number 0077480. When I bought it in early 1973 I was told it was "last years model" and that it was the last model to have the Nervex Professional lugs (painted black). I upgraded at that time to the Simplex "Super LJ" alloy derailleurs. The front says "Super LJ" the rear is alloy but has no model identification (that I can find) on it. These are the best friction lever/shifters ever made. The rear drop-outs are drilled and tapped for axel adjusting screws (what are these things actually called?) and the word "Simplex" is very nicely and clearly embossed on them (apparently the quality of the rear drop-outs dropped after this model year). I don't recall what hubs came with the bike because when I purchased it I upgrade to Phill Wood hubs and pedals. It came with a beautiful Ideale saddle but it does not have a model number on the saddle. It has the Reynolds 531 decal on the seatpost under the Inox. decal and the Peugeot lion badge on the seat post and on the head tube are identical. This is my weekend rider.

At the same time that I purchased the above I purchased a 1973 model for my wife (serial number 2768900). It has smooth Nervex lugs painted white and outlined in gold. It has Mafac Racer breaks, and Ideale saddle and the Simplex drop-outs are not nearly as nice as the drop-outs on the 1972 (not drilled or tapped and the "Simplex" is hard to read). It does not have a Reynolds 531 sticker under the Inox. decale on the seat tube and the Peugeot Lion decal on the seat tube is very slightly different than the one on the head tube. This is my trailer queen and is rarely ridden.

I also have a 1978 PX 10 (serial number 2727584 - go figure?). It has an Ideale 90 saddle (though this is not as nicely finished as the ones on my older Peugeots). The Mafac racer brake levers say "France" on the brake levers and are gold anodized and drilled and the Stronglight chain rings are also highly drilled. It has alloy Simplex SLJ5500 derailleurs and the square Reynolds 531 decal on the downtube. This is my daily commuter (40 miles per day 5 days per week). It gets a lot of miles and a lot of abuse and keeps on going.

Have you seen this web site ?

It has a lot of useful pictures that may help you date your bike. Also, if you have Mavic rims they may have dates stamped on them.

There may be nicer bikes but there are no better bikes.

Daniel S. Swords New Orleans, LA

"" <> wrote: OK, the earth just shifted on its axis and I now have a French bicycle cohabiting my apartment with 8 English bikes.

This is a Peugeot PX-10E (I think).

Can anyone clue me as to the possible date of this lovely machine?


Serial no. 2724410 (on alloy plaque on bottom bracket) Simplex "Criterium" derailleur (oh no.. the Delrin one we've all be slagging off!) Stronglight cranks Lyotard pedals, Christophe toe clips Super Champion tubular rims with shot Hutchinson and Michelin tubs Normandie Super Competition hubs with Simplex skewers Mafac Competition centre-pull brakes plain Nervex lugs, painted black on head Peugeot headbadge is a sticker Has Reynolds 531 decal on seat post below "Inoxidable" one and Reynolds 531 decals on forks Simplex seatpost Ideale 90 saddle Pump clips (bolt on) under top tube

I am guessing 1973 based on what's on the web.

Now I just hope my English bikes are not ganging up on her when I get back from work....

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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