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Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 19:39:17 EST
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You may be right. My memory may be foggy. I remember the Raleigh Touring 14 from when I first saw a couple ridden by friends in Walla Walla, and I thought it was before I left in 1976, but I can only find a record of them on the web as early as 1980, so maybe I visited my friends there around that time and saw them then. Breathed a lot of inner tube dust since then. Can't remember s***. One of the people who had one was Jerry Norquist by the way, before he worked in the Schwinn shop there. Some of you in the industry will remember him from Trek and Specialized. Anyone else remember when they first made that model?

Bob Freeman Seattle

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> No. That's too early. Suntour didn't make seven speeds before 1977.
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> >There was a Raleigh touring bike in about 1975 that had a 7 speed
> freewheel
> >with double cranks. First I remember. Probably Suntour Ultra 7 although
> I
> >don't think they gave it that name yet.
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