[CR]Re: Frame prices and demand.

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From: "Thomas Rawson" <twrawson@worldnet.att.net>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Re: Frame prices and demand.
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 15:54:14 -0800

Hi Pete, To your point: "After all is(nt) the best "ride" what we all crave ?", I'd have to say, well, no....... Its not that simple.

Folks who notice I own more than one bike and who are not into bicycles often seem puzzled at that and start asking questions trying to figure out why I choose to spend some money this way. One of the more frequently asked questions is which one is my favorite. And I like to answer - "well its the one Im on at the moment".

Ive only sold one bike because I didnt like the ride, it was - shock and horrors - a Waterford. While each of the others Ive owned has felt different, I always found pleasure in the ride. And it would be fairly hard to say this one is "better" than that one with the exception of some decidedly off topic, off road stuff.

Im perfectly willing to admit Im not a good enough cyclist to be able to discern differences others can. And Im also suspicious (maybe cynical) enough to wonder if those who claim they can - really can.

I have a sense that guys want to look rational, logical and reasonable and so justifying yet another "toy" purchase requires some application of logic and discernment as to why we did that. Theres a lot of guys who present their latest expensive new purchase as the best riding bike theyve ever owned. That seems a short hand way of explaining to someone whos not into bikes why one spent so much. It is after all decidedly unguy like to admit one buys something because its pretty, you like the color, or you get some kind of personal gratification from yet another one in the stable, etc.

Cant say that for me or any of my friends who are serious about bikes, that looking for the best ride is the holy grail of the next purchase. And if we were all being pragmatic and just wanted to go ride why would anyone participate in the CR?

I guess there are some who buy for "snob value". Ive noticed I like it when someone admires my new bike. I like it even more when they admire my old bike. Some folks feel obligated to compliment new. Not so with old. And I know theyre not complimenting the ride (since Im sitting on the bike). Im not sure thats snobby though.

Nope, theres more to this then just the ride.

Having said all that, I basically agree with your take on British makers vs American makers and pricing. particularly if "value" is important in the equation. And of course if "ride" is what you think youre buying.

In summary, its a package deal with everyone weighing the attributes a little differently.

Tom Rawson
aka marmitetom
Oakland, CA