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Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 00:38:11 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]wheel covers

I have a small assortmant of wheel covers.We had some printed for College Patk Bicycles in 1980.These were a ripstop nylon with a reinfornced oilcloth center strip sewn to each on the outside and hemmed elastic on the edges with brass hooks at the ends.

In this style there are also Suntour, Fuji, and some others. The second style are a shinu thin oilcloth fabric with an elastic band on the edges that require wheel removal because they are not split and resebble those steering wheel covers.

The third type look like a wire-on (commonly called a clincher by most) tire without the wire in the bead. These are the original clements.

There are two sets of Holdsworths I can sell you in the famous bright orange with blue accent stripe and reinforcement. These are approximately 30-35 years old, but don't worry. Because they were stored in the special cool, dark, dry place (thanks to a dehumidification system), they are like new and even the white lined inside does not show tire residue. They have the 'Worthy cycles-Made in England' ' labels intact and crisp sewn to the hem, and are $250 the set, much less than the wheels and tubs they will be protecting over the years. A similar set shows some use and was marked 'Georgetown Cycle Sport - Washington, DC' and was a team issued item, possibly used by a then- or now-famous racer. Miji Reoch was sponsored by Georgetown as well as Jerry Casales Hill Cycle Shop, two of the original importers and dealers of Holdsworth.

The marker should come off with WD 40 or similar cleaner if it's not wanted. A good screener or embroiderer should be able to imprint any desired arrtwork. There's no souvenir upcharge for the Georgetown-marked set, and because it had been used a little, is just $175.

The orange was not just a popular colour of Holdsworth (and Hill Cycle), it made the wheels and the covers easy to spot - and more challenging for someone to make off with your hoops.

Again, interesting trades are always welcome to avoid the exchange medium that's more boring yet sometimes tougher to locate than stashes of bike goods.

Larry Black Mt Airy, Md.

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is there a cmpany that has or makes vintage wheel covers. looking for orange and purple holdsworth covers.

robbie fellows