Re: [CR]Period Correct Components for 87-ish DeRosa Pro

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Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2004 12:34:04 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR]Period Correct Components for 87-ish DeRosa Pro
From: "Steven L. Sheffield" <>
To: Classic Rendezvous <>
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On 04/03/2004 11:46 AM, "Chuck Schmidt" <> wrote:
> Chuck Schmidt wrote:
>> Mike Lackey wrote:
>>> Greetings, all.
>>> Several years ago I purchased an 87-ish DeRosa Pro frame/fork. At that time
>>> I installed a 97-ish Campy 9-spd Ergo setup on the bike. It's the pride and
>>> joy of my rather meager collection. The frame/fork are in excellent
>>> condition, and I'm thinking it's time to "upgrade" the bike and hang
>>> period-correct components on the frame. I suspect a nice collection of
>>> Campy SR parts would be a safe bet, but...
>>> My question is directed to those who own, or are familiar, with mid-80's
>>> DeRosas. What advice would you offer to someone starting a journey such as
>>> mine? Where can I find info on this subject? Any one care to share
>>> first-hand knowledge?
>>> Mike Lackey
>>> 6:50am and getting ready to ride in Madison, AL
>>> PS - would be glad to share some pics off-list
>> The '86 De Rosa catalog (I sell a reprint) shows photos of their
>> Professional SLX equipped two ways, one with C-Record and one Super
>> Record. My Ugo Blue '87 is the Super Record version and one of my
>> favorite bikes (actually I say that about all my bikes ;)
>> Cover:
>> De Rosa Catalog, 1986 -- 4 pages, all color, pictures of Eddy Merckx on
>> his De Rosa, Ugo brazing a frame, Ugo with his sons Danilo, Dorino and
>> Cristiano, and Super Record equiped and Record equiped Professional SLX
>> bikes. English text. Color cover. $ 7
>> Chuck Schmidt
>> South Pasadena, Southern California
>> (reprints, t-shirts and timelines)
> Oh... and here's some large scans of the same catalog on Mark Bulgier's
> website (a great and underutilized resource BTW):

But Chuck! Isn't the original question, and your catalogue copy both off-topic for being outside the timeline?

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