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From: "sam Lingo" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Insuring bikes
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 02:03:49 +0000

To set a value use Ebay. Find similar bicycles to what you want to insure on ebay--get several examples. If your bike has a specal ($$$) part get examples of that too. Remember insurance people don't know bicycles ,the idea is to show worth to them.Ebay buys do show tru worth in todays market.Make sure your insurance reps agree on the value . You may want to include replacement cost of a paint job--get real examples from list members along with photos.Your bikes may be insureable under your house policy but their value will need to be verified and agreed on by your insurance company.Get everything in writing!Remember your talkin about them paying you in dollars if something goes wrong.And while your at it take photos of the rest of your stuff to see if your under insured.

sam lingo

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>From: r cielec <>
>To: Richard M Sachs <>,
>Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Insuring bikes
>Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 18:06:16 -0700 (PDT)
>I truly don't know what I'd take on the spot because I don't know have a good feel for the cost of replacement other than that general either impossible or a lot. For example: from time to time, I've placed legit wanted to buy queries for specific bicycles to the List with no responses - that gives me an idea they're difficult or impossible to find. How does one value what can't be replace? Also, how should I value the bike? Example, my 73 International. 1) Compleat bike maybe $250 - $350 ? 2) Price out each component in the BOM for perhaps $450 - $550? 3) Describe it as a design spec. for a new build from a "Keeper" builder for $ several thousand?
>I was hoping to learn from this Insurance topic.
>Though, from the responses from Listers, it seems that the best "insurance" may not be a bona fide policy but a savings plan.
>Richard Cielec
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>Richard M Sachs <> wrote:
>i mentioned assessing them for the least amount that
>you'd accept if you were to take a check on the spot -
>not in so many words - but that was my pov.
>why don't you list your bicycles(s) and we'll tell you
>want to assess them for?
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>snipped from post:
>r cielec writes:
>Comments from the list have not been as I had hoped; that is, from
>real experience with tips for do's and don'ts, how to assess value,
>recommendations of insurers, etc... Apparently, I tapped untasted