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Gitane "Interclubs" did not have Reynolds tubing, according to catalogues of the day. They were listed as having "Seamless Lightweight Steel" frames with "Bocama" lugs. Only the "Tour de France", "Super Corsa", and "Gran Tourisme" came with Reynolds 531.

Stephan Andranian Costa Mesa, California

reelfishin <reelfishin@netzero.net> wrote: Were all Gitane Interclubs Reynolds tubing? I have an early 70's model that has no tubing decal. I am guessing it to be somewhere from '68 to '73 by the decals and components. One thing that stands out on this frame is the oversized seat stays, about 15mm in diameter. It seams pretty light, but it has no sign of any tubing decals.

Joe McKishen
Vineland, NJ

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<< I'm looking for a Reynolds 531 decal for my early 70's Witcomb that I

am working on. If you can help, please contact me offlist.

Thanks -

Brad Potter

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I there a way to ID a bike built with this tubing? NO decal is present




Id the tubing; it's easy. Sand off the paint on each end of a tube.

Most quality bike tubing is stamped at the short butted in with the makers name. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO CHOP OFF the non label end with the longer butt when sizing the tube for the frame.

Once while modifying a well known frame with me old boss Jeffrey Hutchinson we filed off a downtube cable stop near the bottom bracket. The Reynolds sticker was low on the seat tube. After sanding a bit it seemed the braze had flowed in the letters and they stood out beautifully in a golden hue and the letters spelled out D-U-R-I-F-O-R-T. This is an extra special, ultra lightweight model of Reynolds 531 used in many Gitane Interclubs as I recall.

Very nice tubing indeed.

Yours in Cycling,

Gilbert Anderson

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