[CR]WAS :Mercxk Corsa O1 is lugged NOW on topic:

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Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 08:28:49 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: [CR]WAS :Mercxk Corsa O1 is lugged NOW on topic:

Dale, List et al,
>From Vol 16, issue 23:
>Not 100% sure without hearing it from Dale's mouth, but it seems to me
> that any frame made out of steel with lugged joints is going to fall
> under the category of "Keeper of the Flame" status and therefore be
> on-topic for the CR list. The components wouldn't, but the frame would.
> Dale?
> Chuck Schmidt
> South Pasadena, Southern California >>
>You are correct, sir...

While I try not to be so curmudgeonly or retrogrouchy (are these actual words?) but doesn't this open up discussion of the lugged Colnago Classic, Pegoretti Luigino , etc. While I would love to know my 85 Trek and 89 Serotta (my main riders) are on topic due to both being steel and lugged, doesn't this blur the cut off line to the point where it is nonexistant? I was under the impression that KOF status was bestowed more to a Richard Sachs, Peter Wiegle, Rivendell etc. than to a production shop producing lugged steel frames. And no I don't want to start the whole production vs one man shop debate again.

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