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Subject: Re: [CR]WAS :Mercxk Corsa O1 is lugged NOW on topic:
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 19:22:23 -0500

Several builders have been added to the KOF list since it first appeared. Also, Dale's modern Caygill and mine appear in the British section, as do new Bates and new Toeis appear in the Japanese section. I think it would be a mistake to restrict the KOF bikes to those currently listed.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> All I know is what it says on the CR home page:
> The purpose of this not-for-profit site is to encourage those interested in
> enjoying and preserving vintage lightweight "racing" style bicycles of the
> period from the early 20th century until 1983. "
> And, the KOF builders, which are listed.....
> Angel Garcia
> Long Valley, NJ
> > I've never taken the policy to exclude production frames or
> semi-production
> > frames which are steel and lugged. Bikes from the 70's aren't any less
> > classic if they were high volume and affordable like the PX-10 as opposed
> to
> > custom made in limited quantity like a Confente. Why should we make that
> > distinction of traditional style new bikes? My wife and I have two
> Bianchi
> > TSX-UL frames from 1996 or 1997. One Midnight Blue on Celeste, one
> Celeste
> > on Midnight Blue. Both are lugged steel, standard size tubing, threaded
> > forks, half chromed stays, cutouts in the head lugs. Columbus TSX tubing.
> > This model was made almost unchanged from the early or mid 70's until it
> was
> > discontinued in 1997, except it was probably originally Columbus SL
> tubing.
> > The only unfortunate change near the end of the model life was an ugly
> > unicrown fork which I replaced with a chromed full-sloping clone of a
> > Cinelli fork. I think this bike and the handfull of traditional style
> > production bikes still produced are every bit as On Topic as a Sachs or
> > Rivendell or Singer, although certainly not as valuable.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Jerry Moos
> > Houston, TX