Re[2]: [CR] Stinky DeRosa on yokoo web update

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Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 21:30:35 +0200
From: Martin Appel <>
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Subject: Re[2]: [CR] Stinky DeRosa on yokoo web update
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Hello Listmembers,

this brings a conversation to mind i had with an oldtimer ex-racer not too long ago. We talked about steel frames when he said something like "i wouldn't ride a De Rosa unless they paid me lots".

when i enquired further (i thought De Roa's were top quality) he told me the story of a Teammates De Rosa that sounded "funny". So he let it bounce slightly and noticed a humming sound. he rode it around the block - yes, felt "strange". After him another rider, sprinter type, tried a fast start: Bottom bracket shell with cranks on the road, rider next to it. (so much about "painfully weak" :-)

bottom line is possibly, that even a big name on the downtube doesn't nescessarily mean that the brazing is always immaculate...

Martin Appel in chilling cold Munich, Germany who just picked up a perfect twin of his orange Campy Valentino/Weinmann/Ofmega-equipped Vicini in "Ladies size" 51 and matching blue paint :-)

hcn> The workmanship on this one like one I personally owned a hcn> few years back is painfully weak - check out the braze globs at hcn> the seatlug for example. The one I owned had brazing gaps of hcn> pathetic proportions. It was still a very cool bike though...

hcn> After putting Alex Singer through the workmanship wringer a hcn> few weeks back, it is time someone put DeRosa through the wringer hcn> as well. I thought the one I had was an aberation. Apparently hcn> not.

hcn> Also on the topic of quality, I cut open an old Cinelli hcn> which was crashed to examine. Overall way better than necessary, hcn> but some mighty poor mitering compared with a top tier American hcn> built frame.

hcn> Mike Kone in Boulder CO

hcn> I have
>> yup
>> that's exactly how i remember the first derosas i saw.
>> they were dubois lugged with the odd dipsy-do in the
>> front of the head tube. pity - those frames never had a
>> reinforcer brazed within the seat lug ears: all the crushed,
>> mis-shapen, and distorted lugs.
>> but i digress.
>> i also have good news. in addition to saving on my car insurance
>> by switching to geico, UCONN HUSKIES KICKED BUTTKUS AT
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>> On Wed, 07 Apr 2004 14:24:39 -0400 Grant McLean
>> <> writes:
>> Hi List,
>> I noticed today that the japanese website for Yokoo cycles has been
>> updated with some more fancy retro stuff. Note the nice derosa....
>> grant mclean
>> Toronto, Canada