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Hi Ray. Think about the load and where it goes. That point should not be a problem. At least not with me riding it. And, most better bikes use big heavy shells. Most failures I have seen was the tube as it went in to the shell or the tube pulled out of the shell.

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> I have somewhat of a mechanical background, above average I like to think.
> I know you have all seen these photos before of the track Confente bike. I
> just got fixated on the BB photo. Particularly on the spade cut out on the
> bottom of the BB. Looks like a lot of material removed to me. The BB takes
> quite a bit of the load when riding a bike. Each pedal stroke does flex
> the frame at the BB back and forth. I can only think that the BB itself is
> under a lot of stress. Now this cut out of a spade comes to a nice point
> in the center of the BB and to me makes it a natural stress point in that
> metal shell. I understand that the other tubes are supporting it. I also
> have seen BBs separate from the tubes like most of you have. Has anyone
> seen a BB fail at a cutout point. If you put this BB in a
> tensile/compression machine and applied pressure slowly, I guarantee it
> would fail at the point of that cut out. Not that I am worried about that,
> just something to open discussion on.
> Ray Homiski
> Elizabeth, NJ