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Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 18:46:28 +0000

Mike asked:
> What would be period correct for a late 30s early 40s Italian racing bike
> in regard to handle bar tape and brake cables. What if any colors were
> available?

I will be getting some Gaslo cloth tape in from Italy shortly that I will bring to le cirque. Gaslo made the best tape of the period. The colors offered by Gaslo at the time were red, green, blue, ashen and yellow. White was only used by people like Coppi who were awarded new tape before each race because of their star status. Otherwise it was simply too readily sullied. Pirelli offered white and black spongy bar tape, but this was often covered up with cloth tape. Black apparently didn't gain favor until later.

For cable housing, there were the same colors as the handlebar tape plus white and grey and perhaps others too. From observing photos (black and white for the most part), it would appear that cable housing color was generally selected to accentuate the frame color and was generally a light color. The outer cable housing was generally one of two types: either woven cotton or ribbed plastic.

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