[CR]FS: Montelatici

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From: PUTTER2451@aol.com
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 22:00:08 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]FS: Montelatici

List members, My Montelatici is for sale. For those not aware of the marque, a little info:

Almost two years ago, our friend Matteo found a batch of unpainted frames in various sizes at a bike shop in Italy owned by Vasco Montelatici. These frames were from the early \u201870\u2019s (give or take) and were the alleged work of the famous Cinelli factory. Vasco Montelatici and Cino Cinelli were friends from way back and when Vasco needed frames to supply his racing team or store he would call his friend. I have copies of the background e-mails giving support to the story for those interested.

I purchased a 54cm (ctc) x 54.5 frame, which I believe to be from \u201974. Ed Litton (Port Richmond, Ca.) did the paint/finish. To see pictures please go to the CR site and, in the Italy section under Montelatici, the first Monte is mine. Although the pix show some current parts, the parts on the bike now are as follows:

Campy NR crank 42/52 \u201873 Campy NR R Der patent \u201873 Campy F Der Campy Record hubs 36* s.f., \u201984 Mavic Open 4 CD clinchers Campy Rec headset Campy NR downtube levers with newer bushings Campy Record calipers, std reach, recessed bolts, no plastic on guides\u2026 Regina freewheel 14-24 Regina Oro chain No pedals All of the above are in good to excellent shape. More details on request.

The bike has a Campy NR seat post but it is inferior (light corrosion) to the other parts so it is listed as incidental.

The seat (\u201975 Concor), bar and stem (\u201973 Cinelli) and Campy brake levers (\u2019 73) are not going with the bike. I\u2019ve had them since they were new.

The rear drops were set to 130mm by Ed for flexibility in equipment. The bike rides very nicely and is both agile and stable in my opinion.

The price is $800 for frame (w/HS) or $1200 as outfitted above. Shipping TBD.

I still hope to make it to Le Cirque and show the bike but my car is about to be repaired due to an altercation with Bambi\u2019s cousin, so there may be some difficulty with scheduling.

Please reply off-list.

Les Himel
Chappaqua, NY