Re: [CR]Can you identify this track bike?

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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 17:27:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Fred Rafael Rednor <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Can you identify this track bike?
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Interesting bike in that it has English threading but a couple of elements that strike me as typically French: the Durifort tubing (assuming the decal is correct) and the rear fork ends which resemble those I've seen on French track bikes like those sold by LeJeune.

The fork crown is another story though - typically English. So of course I have no idea who built the frame. Perhaps a British Francophile? A French Anglophile? An American who just wanted to build a Euro-bike?
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--- Jim Langley wrote:

> I thought some of you might recognize or be able to help me

\r?\n> identify this

\r?\n> track bike, which was given to me by Geoff Drake when he and

\r?\n> I worked at

\r?\n> Bicycling Magazine. Geoff told me that it had been Bob

\r?\n> Rodale's bike and

\r?\n> that it had been ridden on the Trexlertown track in PA (Bob

\r?\n> Rodale purchased

\r?\n> Bicycling Magazine and brought it to Rodale Press; he helped

\r?\n> launch

\r?\n> Trexlertown; and he was also the visionary that led his

\r?\n> company for many

\r?\n> years). I've posted pictures on my website at this link.

\r?\n> (It's a large file

\r?\n> and will load slowly on a dial-up):



\r?\n> It looks like a nondescript track bicycle to me (frame

\r?\n> threading is

\r?\n> British), apart from the possible Rodale connection. Thank

\r?\n> you for any help

\r?\n> you can offer.


\r?\n> Jim Langley

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