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Subject: Re: [CR]re: brit bikes dominate? hah!
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 21:50:43 -0500

Well, although I tend to deny any love for Italian bikes, I do have two ALANS, a Legnano, three Bianchis, and a Gianni Motta frame which is high on my list of projects. The just completed all celeste C-Record Bianchi made its first club ride last Saturday. These bikes are definitely cool and fun to ride, but I have to admit that Italian cycling lacks the range of British or French cycling. I think there is some truth in the observation that the Italians make racing bikes, utilitarian bikes, and very little in between.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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Subject: [CR]re: brit bikes dominate? hah!

> I hardly know where to start.
> First, thanks to Mr. Martinez I am corrected on
> one score: the TI Raleigh pro bikes definitely
> won a lot in the pro peleton (and, by the way,
> I'd *love* to own one of those red and yellow
> beauties)...but that was not the bike I was referring
> to...I was actually referring to all the bikes Mr.
> Kohler likes to extole so much..none of those won
> anything, so far as I know.
> Which brings me to Mr. Kohler. No vitriol intended here,
> but, really, man, how valuable is your opinion anyway?
> Far as I can tell, you don't own or ride *any* vintage
> italian race iron, so how would you know what it's
> like to ride that iron on a regular basis?
> For what it's worth, they ride just as nice slow, as fast,
> so enough with the straw men, ok?
> And before you start assuming all kinds of stuff about
> me, I should inform you that I rode a Falcon San Remo
> for 20-odd years, in all weather, including 3 feet of fresh
> snow (no lie), and it's one of my favorite bikes...the fact that
> it's rather italian in a 50s kind-of-way probably has something
> to do with it. ;>
> No offense intended, or taken, but you might try owning and
> riding some italian race iron before you are so free with
> your opinion of same.


> Charles Andrews

> SoCal