Re: [CR]Huret Speed-0-meter, and a spoke question

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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 22:03:23 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Huret Speed-0-meter, and a spoke question

Huret made a speedometer, it had a cable, the oldest mounted on the fork, others on the bars.Helical geared driver went on hub, spacer was supplied to 'balance' the axle spacing and they were not recommended for QR.

> Brian Plaugher wrote:
> >I have in my hot little hands a 1980 Paramount with a belt-driven
> >speedometer, SACHS-Huret. I would like to remove it. So:
> >1) Should the space its bracket takes up be replaced with a 1 mm washer or
> >what?
> That depends on whether the installer of the odometer removed a spacer
> when installing it. Measure the locknut to locknut width. You want it to
> be 100mm.
> >
> >Second question: Spokes on above bike are not stainless steel, but zinc
> >coated. No rust. Laced into campy record hubs, I assume NR. Should I be
> >content with spokes as is, or would an "upgrade" to stainless be an actual
> >improvement? I am not interested in period-correctitude, just a reliable
> >ride.
> >

Zinc spokes have lower tensite strength than SS but are suppoesed to be less brittle.

Larry Black Mt airy, Md
> There's nothing wrong with zinc plated spokes, except cosmetics. I would
> ride the wheels until there's a problem, then deal with it.