[CR]Road trips and delays in shipping!..On topic and off!

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Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 05:13:25 +0200
From: renaissance-cycles <info@renaissance-cycles.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Road trips and delays in shipping!..On topic and off!

Hi all!

Good news and some bad!......Good, bad then better later on. First of all we have been running into a good streak of locating goods for the future welbeing of Renaissance cycles! I am simply suprised of 'WHERE!'' some of these goods are being found. Of recent we have been scoring goods from shops that most would just stop to have a look through the window, look here look there and off to the next location. Well these are the shops that are turning up some great finds! Of which has lead us to some very old Manufactures with some goods waiting to be had! So we are working these leads as quickly as possible. Also we have a friend '' Kwai '' who is doing a lot of leg work in locating potential buys. He rolled in tonight at about 11:00 AM and says, what are you doing this coming monday. I say this and that and he'll say no because here's a lead for you and you need to be on it this coming monday, It's an old Racer who had opened a shop after he was done racing. The shop has been closed for 15 years but he is still sitting on his old stocks of racing stuff! So me doing the math, this stuff is in our time frame. OK we're on it! This info came from a wheel builder then passed it onto Kwai then onto us. Anyway this wheel builder had his friends at the police station help with the tracking of this once racer and bike shop owner!....Funny how 2 guys can be sitting around shooting the bull about old bikes one minute then the next the old guy is on the phone to the local police! A half hour later and the info is had, next on the phone to this old racer and.............''BANG!''.......................Come on over! WOW! Talk about locating a missing person!...................Anyway, Hats off to Kwai!.......A very very good friend indeed! He worked his full day of 12 hours with a bicycle supplier, then put in a hit with this wheel builder for 3 hours then here with the info! After all this, home for some dinner then off to Germany. KWAI!..........Is not into the Vintage bike stuff! His gig is the new, even though he's still working the lines for us for vintage cycles goods. Kwai, thanks a bunch.

Bad news, as most of you may know we're running shop with a very small crew, mostly Cecile and myself with one other handling the packing of goods......And of course there's the 3 kids buzzing around the warehouse, Benny is outside kicking a soccor ball and ''BANG!''.............Broke a glass window of the landlords business. Then there's lizzy of which is 100% bicycle crazy!.........Pick her up at day care without the bike and we catch hell!........Nadine she's into horses, and no we don't have a horse running around here in the warehouse....when following up on these leads things will be put aside so we get onto these treasure hunts...........Bottom line we're running behind with shipping.............So to say no one has been forgotten! Because Cecile is on me keeping me updated of things needed to be done.

Other good news, as some and a lot of you may know when Relocating Renaissance cycles Stateside not only we will be bringing the Vintage bike stuff with us but also we'll be bringing Beta tools with us as well http://www.beta-tools.com . Well we have been sitting on pins and neddles because of Beta now being hooked up with Ferarri! Rollaways, cabs tool boxes tooling and so on. Very nice stuff of indeed! Well it's final we just received the word today saying sure you can do the Ferarri line-up as well....So to say the pins and neddles are gone and now we can put our focus back on the bike stuff...Lots of good thing happening for us and now we're going to have a good nights sleep! YIKES!...........It's 5:00AM!...........Good morning to you all. I'm off to bed!

Just thought I'd pass on this info to the list.

Baron C................And the gang!!
Renaissance cycles,
Eindhoven Holland.