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Very interesting !

So very . . . late 1960's !!

And , it's sold and long gone !

And yeah , there is some sort of perverse pleasure to be found in those few Paramounts which were actually made and sold in the Sting Ray colors .

Schwinn's policy was simple . The Paramount was the top-of-the-line . The Paramount was available in "any Schwinn color" . . . ANY Schwinn color !!

If Schwinn sold a bicycle ( a made-in-U.S.A. bicycle ) in some color , well , you could get a Paramount in that color too !!

So , a very few folks custom ordered their Paramounts in one of the Sting Ray colors .

And I really , Really , REALLY like the "flamboyant" , "candy-apple" , purple color which Schwinn simply called "Violet" !! !!

I'd love to have several bicycles in that color !!

Raoul Delmare Marysville Kansas


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