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Subject: Re: [CR]Wayne Bingham's Vintage Ride Report
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:49:08 -0400

Just have to second all Dan's praise for our hosts! Wayne and MJ did good!!!

After a pleasant ride when we all got a chance to exercise our sweat glands for really the first time of the year, they treated us to a very nice tea party - which included barbeque, chips, salsa, etc, etc and quite a wide assortment of malt beverages.

I brought my 30's British track bike which nobody can yet identify (I hope to get it figured out at Cirque). There were several exquisite late 40's Raleighs, and just some really nice bikes, some with multiple gears and some without. All proved reliable as well - as there were no 'incidents' on the road.

Not sure of numbers, but I think there must have been circa 15 of us, and probably nothing newer than 1970.

I think we all left wishing we had wives as tolerant of our 'habits' as MJ....

Ken Sanford
Kensington, MD

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From: "Daniel Artley"
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Subject: [CR]Wayne Bingham's Vintage Ride Report

> It was a lovely day for a vintage ride, hot enough that it was nice to
> have a rest stop to replenish fluids for those with "Manly" bikes only
> having one or no bottle mounts. Starting on the W&OD (Washington and
> Old Dominion) rail trail we went several miles on the fairly congested
> trail (everyone was out enjoying the nice weather) until it got a bit
> more rural and cleared out, then switched to roads. The hills were flat
> enough for those of us riding fixed, the perfect terrain for the ASC
> ratios I'm running at the moment on my Jack Taylor path racer. Paul
> Raley brought another Jack Taylor full tourist setup that was as
> gorgeous as all the bikes he seems to own. Peter Kohl showed up with
> two of his Raleigh RRA's, one being ridden by a friend. Roy Drinkwater
> drove down with me. There was Marty Walsh riding his Olmo, Tom Rawson
> with his Rambouillet, and too many other people I just can't remember
> the names of with old timers desease settling in. Harvey Sachs showed
> up late in the afternoon with a Medici he wanted to sell. Wayne's wife
> MJ was telling me racing and bike stories while rolling along the route.
> Life was good!
> We returned to Wayne's for apres' ride refreshments, good munchies,
> many fine beers and sodas and good company. I felt like the guest who
> wouldn't leave as a small cadre of us were there quite late, goodbyes
> just seemed to take at least an hour or more. Thanks again Wayne and MJ
> for a lovely time. I've got photos posted at
> Its at the bottom of the
> page. Check it out soon, I'll be deleting the interior shots of Wayne's
> collection in about a week.
> Happy trails, and see a bunch of you at the Cirque' in a couple of
> weeks.
> Dan Artley
> Parkton, Maryland