[CR]Lubrication - Sturmey Archer - packing it in

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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 14:53:26 -0500
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From: Rick Paulos <rick-paulos@uiowa.edu>
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Subject: [CR]Lubrication - Sturmey Archer - packing it in

I got a SA 3 speed equiped bike last year and I found the rear hub was packed solid with axle grease. Someone had fitted a grease zerk and pumped it full. But it still worked. Not that I wanted to risk riding it that way. It sure took a while to clean that one out.

I have run in to 3-speed hubs where the lube had evolved into a crust. Easily chipped out.

A supplementary lube method is to remove the indicator rod (shifter linkage), lay the bike on it's left side and dribble oil direclty in the hollow axle. That puts the oil more closely to the clutch and sun gear.

I sure agree those hubs are quite tollerant of just about any lube or lack thereof. Figure on a disassembly, cleaning and relube every 25 years or so. Or keep it lubed yearly. The SA 3 speed hub is such a marvel. It's worth taking one apart, cleaning and reassembling just for the experience.

Rick Paulos Iowa City, Ia.

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