Re: [CR]NOS 1970 Flandria on Ebay

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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 11:25:08 +0200
From: renaissance-cycles <>
Subject: Re: [CR]NOS 1970 Flandria on Ebay
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Funny thing though.........................I know of the BIKE SHOP!.................That bought out all of the old Flandria stocks and machinery of the old Flandria fabric! I was told of the broken down trailers left on the side of the highways...............Due to broken or bend axles. At one time they were cranking out bike stuff and next they were broken down on the roadways rusting away.............The whippy trailers were not up to carrying this machinery, of which was sold for scrap metal.......Along with 40,000 pairs of Fiamme rims, tubular, clinchers and a smattering of wooden rims of an unknown marque! The rim boxes were stacked to the high heavens, I think 7 or 8 cases high and 6 or 7 deep! At the time and not knowing what was up about these stocks, I looked at Cecile and said what the hell is this! We had no clue! While walking into a side storage room you ( I ) couldn't help but to kick a pile of NR seat post all over the place, Campy NR/SR rings were all over the floor as well! The guy.......grabbed a ring and said what do you think about this and tossed it on the floor! My reaction was..............OUCH!.....It was all over the place! Back then Turbo saddles were had for $ 3.- a pop while the wheel sets back then when they were properly matched $ 20.- pp. And yes!............This was a ''BIG!'' bike shop with several warehouses, now they are down to 2 warehouses! Come to think of it there's a third of which I have only heard of but really have never been there?? OK!........Wha's in there! Anyway, what's left? some mid level framesets, lots of flat H-bars stems and loads of low to mid level components along with a few hunderd sets of wheelsets. A mix bag of Dura Ace with Super Champion Arc-en-Ciel tubulars and some Normady stuff tossed in the fold!..........There's also several stacks of clinchers stacked on poles of which I haven't been able to get to yet!.....I'm only able to see them from the ground floor. Maybe they are something like what's on this ebay bike!...........Tire mounted and perhaps with freewheels?...............What the hell I can't go wrong for $ 5.- a pair!....................But I need to buy them all!......Buying them is not the problem,.......finding room for them is the problem.

When moving shop to the U.S..............Will I miss this, yes and no........because I'll be here 3 to 4 months a year! So to say I'll still be getting my fill of thrills of finding this old stuff!

BC..................And the gang!!

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> I bought some DA sidepulls I think in 1973, and there were DA centerpulls
> earlier than that, so I think DA may have been around in 1972, and 1970
> isn't out of the question. One reason the bid isn't very high may be the
> frame tubing is unknown, but with those components, one would think the
> frame should be of quality tubing.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
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> > Hi Lou,
> >
> > Your instincts are right on. This bike can't be from 1970. As I recall
> > Shimano didn't start selling these components until 1974. It does look
> > nice though and the current price is very attractive! I happen to think
> > these first generation Dura-Ace components are superb. One detail: the
> > hubs don't look like Dura-Ace to me. The cut-out on Dura-Ace hubs from
> > that vintage were not quite so oval.
> >
> > David White
> > Burlington, VT
> >
> >
> > wrote:
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> >
> 276
> > >1&rd=1
> > >
> > >Hard to believe this one hasn't attracted more interest, particularly
> given
> > >it is NOS, 30 years old and has original DuraAce parts. I didn't even
> know
> > >DuraAce was made in 1970!! I would have pegged this bike for mid-70s
> given the
> > >parts. Is the seller a listmember? Lou Deeter, Orlando FL