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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:21:56 -0400
From: "David G. White" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Ebay Flandria - Lou Deeter outed, item 3671942761
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Hi Ann,

The nice side-pull Dura-Ace brakes were available when the line officially began in 1973. Mark Bulgier has a 1974 DA catalog on his site that shows the side pulls. I'm uncertain how much earlier the center pulls with the DA name came out, but my impression is that they were really never part of the DA line -- simply an earlier separate product from which Shimano carried forward the name to the new high-end component line.

David White Burlington, VT

ADP wrote:
> Lou Deeter pointed out this Flandria on Ebay...
>> Hard to believe this one hasn't attracted more interest, particularly
>> given
>> it is NOS, 30 years old and has original DuraAce parts. I didn't
>> even know
>> DuraAce was made in 1970!! I would have pegged this bike for
>> mid-70s given the
>> parts. Is the seller a listmember? Lou Deeter, Orlando FL
> I don't think Shimano knew Dura Ace was made in 1970 either
> According to Shimano's web page:
> 1972
> Known as a maker of serviceable light alloy components for sport and
> recreation bicycles, Shimano sets up a product development program
> aimed at producing a world-class road racing component group.
> 1973
> The first generation Dura-Ace components are introduced. They use the
> Crane Derailleur, a precursor to the Dura-Ace model, which features
> Shimano's double-pantagraph (dual-spring) design. "Dura" from the
> duralumin alloy used in production, and "Ace" simply meaning The Best.
> The components are first raced in Europe by the Belgium Flandria team
> whose members include well known cyclists Walter Godefroot, Freddy
> Martens and Michael Pollentier. Out of the 12 teams in the Tour de
> France, 9 ride Campagnolo, 2 ride French Components and one team rides
> Shimano. The team captured stage victories in the Tour de France, the
> first for any Japanese component manufacturer. Later in the year
> Freddy Martens rides a Dura-Ace equipped bicycle to a second place
> finish in the World Road Championships.
> 1974
> Shimano becomes a major sponsor of the Shimano Flandria and Shimano
> US-Pro teams.
> ***********
> Pretty nifty bike, no? Even if it is a later-than-1970 bike.
> Couple of points... First gen DA came out with centerpulls and side
> pulls followed. Also rare and interesting... Black Dura Ace. I know
> of a NOS black crank with really clean packaging in de box...
> My 1973 Schwinn World Voyageur is outfitted with 1973 Dura Ace, high
> flange hubs and all. Still looking for the right levers though.