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Subject: Re: [CR]Now: List Bias Was: Another Shimano history question
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Depends on your definition of bias. The word was once used simply to mean a preferential interest in or disposition toward one thing versus another, kind of like electrical engineers talked about biasing a transistor in the old days. It only came to mean unfair and discriminatory when the world became oversensitive and politically correct in more recent years. I think there is a definite Campy bias here in the older, non-sinister sense. That is, there is a preferential interest in Campy as opposed to Shimano. Or to Stronglight/Simplex for that matter.


Jerry Moos
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Subject: [CR]Now: List Bias Was: Another Shimano history question

> jerrymoos wrote:
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> > Someone said this reveals a Campy bias here. I tend to agree, in that
> > everyone seems to know what the correct markings on the axle locknuts were
> > for a 1973 Campy Record hub, no no one seems sure how many versions of Dura
> > Ace there were or when they were introduced.
> I do not believe that a lack of knowledge equals a bias. Apples and
> oranges in my opinion.
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