Re: [CR]56cm Faggin w/Gran Sport in LA

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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 22:22:10 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]56cm Faggin w/Gran Sport in LA

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Another cheap one (less than $130 as I type). Unfortunately only a couple of hours left. For you LA boys and girls I would think this would be a good buy for the parts if you can pick it up. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL ------------------------------------------------------ Lou- You aren't just awhistlin Dixie. I am familar with this model. I should note that actually it is the frame that is the extremely fantastic deal here. Full SL with tons of chrome. However, this one is actually equipped with Triomphe grouppo, you can tell from the pedals and brake calipers. Perhaps it is the crankset that is stamped with G.S., that gave the seller the assumption of the whole thing was G.S. Note that it originally came with sew-ups and someone changed out to the japanese clinchers.
   If this bike had a Rossin or DeRosa decal on it, I can guarantee you that it would have fetch one Helluva lot more than the $193 pitence it went for. I don't know what your used buyers guide says about Faggin, but I put them up there with Pogliaghi as classic Italian stalwarts. cheers- Dave Anderson Cut Bank MT