Re: Simplex Shifter, Campy Bracket, WAS [CR]Simplex Super LJQuestion

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Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 12:11:53 -0400
From: "Daniel Artley" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: Simplex Shifter, Campy Bracket, WAS [CR]Simplex Super LJQuestion

>>> "Thomas R. Adams, Jr."> 04/23/2004 10:50:38 AM >> ... I've also used a suntour BarCon with an SLJ, and that also is a good match. And Huret Duopars love the Simplex levers. I think the Duopar moves more for a given cable pull than any other derailleur. It's almost too much with a Campy shift lever.>>>

I've never used Campy downtube shifters with Duopars, but they work absolutely beautifully with the old Campy friction barends, a combination I've used on three different bikes, one of which was a tandem. And only about 90 degrees of movement for a fairly wide Suntour Winner 6 speed freewheel. Your results may differ, but I'm talkin' lined cable housing, smooth cables and Campy Grease or Triflow dripped through the housing, my cable skoosh of choice for the past 10 years or more.

<<<As far as mounting the levers, either wait for a clamp on set of simplex levers to turn up (they do exist), or look for a clamp on set of bosses. Campy made them, and they work with the Simplex levers. I understand it's possible to take an existing pair of campy clamp-on levers and reduce them to a set of bosses, but some washer part is destroyed getting the levers off. Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ ...>>>

According to Campagnolo USA, they made the cable clamps both ways, with tacked on washers and loose, if you really want to mess with those smooth but AWFULLY small barreled Simplex shifters! (biased, anyone?) At their direction and to be truly anal, I ordered a set with the loose one's back in the day to adapt a set with a Synchro II rear shifter and Record C spring loaded front shifter for my NR derailleurs and clean downtubed Colnago Super. Visually they were almost a perfect match, and they didn't slip. I only switched back to regular Campy downtube shifters for my now even more anal retro grouch hobby. ;^)

Dan Artley
Parkton, MD