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Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 13:23:15 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR] Re: Ephgraves
From: Richard M Sachs <>

snipped: "I am 56 now and have been riding now for 49 years. "

wow! you must be exhausted! <g> e-RICHIE..................And the gang!!!! aka Richard M Sachs Chester, CT

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 16:59:52 +0000 "Mick Butler" <> writes: I am 56 now and have been riding now for 49 years. This is the general club cycling story of the Ephgraves. Les and Lou Ephgrave twin brothers who learnt their fame building skills at Claud Butlers. After leaving Butler's they started their own frame business in Avely Road, Clapton East London.

The building they used was called the Avely works which was a very basic structure, basically a building on stilts over a railway line. Lou is supposed to have died in tragic circumstances from exposure and I believe pleurisy. When the Avely Works building was condemned Les moved around the corner to work out of a lock-up garage. He displayed his beautiful frames in an empty family butchers close by. This was supposed to have been a wonderful site with his superb workmanship displayed in the window and highlighted by the spotlessly white butchers tiles. Towards the end of his life he was making car exhaust systems and badge bars etc. for

the motor trade. I believe he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head apparenyly

never ever getting over his brothers death. Sources general cycling club chit chat. Rory & Phyllis O'Brien friends of

Les and fellow cycling shop owners. Incidentally all of Rory's better frames were made by Les Ephgrave. Len Phipps master lug cutter. Tom Board master London frame builder and Gillott's shop. I am sure the Ephgraves were Jewish. This community has done so much for Cycling Maurice Selbach, Alf and Hymie Hetchins all wonderful bicycle makers.
    Best wishes and be lucky. Michael Butler Huntingdon UK.