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Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 20:07:02 -0700
From: john jorgensen <designzero@earthlink.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Introduction


This all started at age six, bewildered parents agree to purchase first bike lust object for Christmas, a Schwinn Sting-Ray 3 speed stick shift, which HAD to be gold with a leopard print seat. All attempts to dissuade fell short as I proclaimed the quality of their bicycles, Carlton Catalinas. Still caretaker for one of the pair, a women¹s 21² in brilliant orange.

2 years later pride & joy gets stolen, advised that I will have to pay for the replacement & all beyond! 18 months of saving resulted in a new basic sting-ray. 60¹s Inflation was hard to save ahead of. The positive part was fixing and cleaning the neighborhood¹s adult bicycles for the bike fund.

Got Complete Book of Bicycling for Christmas Œ71. While flawed, it explained why I was attracted to the Legnano & Hetchins that I spent too much time studying at C. Harding¹s Westwood Cyclery. 531, Nouvo Record hubs and derailluers were a must for my next bike.

Summer of Œ72, first road bike, a Bertin C-37 from Hans Ohrt in Beverly Hills. Late that summer I learned that my bike & I were not top of the heap, first club ride with La Grange, me in cutoffs and club members in full kit riding all manner of intriguing bikes, Rene Herse, C.N.C., Masi & Colnago. Nichols Canyon brought reality to thinking I was in shape.

Got serious, started training to race, got job at Hans Ohrt by Spring Œ74. Lived, worked bikes. Had first successful season in Œ74, very successful in Œ75. Went through some nice bikes, got disappointed by some, still have two, Œ73 LeJeune and a Œ75 Masi Carlsbad sprint by Mario. My early Carlsbad 57cm got STOLEN at work, still sad. Liked my Quinn as a criterium weapon until it got stripped of paint for respray, caused by aggressive airline handling coming back from the Nationals, more gaps than brass at the lugs. When I saw the Masi bare, well... all smiles.

Left cycling till Œ85 - while in college got a job at Long Beach Cycle Sports for two years. Major at CSULB, industrial design.

Stumbled upon list by a referral to look at the CR web site. About twelve on topic bikes in the stable, a brace of Masi¹s, the LeJeune, & a C.N.C., of note. Also a Phillips roadster - suitable for running over curbs, wayward children & small dogs.

Bike wants? A Hellenic stayed Hetchins, a Rene Herse, and or a Gemini in my size would be nice, road or track. I also would be willing to buy back the Masi pursuit for twice what I sold it for!

John Jorgensen
Palos Verdes, Ca