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<< competitor, under 15 years old Keir Stone, son of list member Hilary Stone. He rode a

1946 Baines Flying Gate. >>

Word has it that Keir has turned Pro... (We will miss him at the Cirque this

year, he has attended the past two but must stay at home this year...)

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Oh Dear,

How will Hilary manage to get the 4 large bike boxes of crammed full of exotic British specialties checked through without excess baggage charge when Keir doesn't fill that extra passenger seat on British Airways? Does Hilary have a daughter that can step into Keir's cleats for the trip?

Last time he brought home as many new purchases as he sold I was told; by Keir. Living the pro's life; ah. Roadies carry the heavy bags for the riders.

Yours in Cycling,

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