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The Shimano freehub actually pre-dates the AX line of equipment by at least 1 year if not two. I have a pair of Dura Ace EX Direction6 7spd wheels from 1980. Looking at a 1980 Shimano catalogue they actually list Dura Ace and 600 groups (with 'traditional' cranks/pedals and hubs) as well as a separate listing for Dura Ace EX and 600 EX groups. The DA EX had the DynaDrive cranks and pedals, as well with two freehub hubsets, the Direction6 and the conventionally spoked. The 600 EX had a freehub (regular spoking) and used the conventional cranks.

The complete AX line would come in 1981.

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> I think AX is solidly within the timeline ( and shown on the CR
> site). I believe that was Shimano's first use of the freehub.


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