Re: [CR]Was;Link to German website with Shimano timeline; Now Miyata-Pro new in '81

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Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 10:53:55 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: [CR]Was;Link to German website with Shimano timeline; Now Miyata-Pro new in '81
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Could be that the US received these first?Or that the components individually or in groups were supplied after the bicycle manufacturers?I dunno,what I do know is;I bought a Miyata-Pro new in september 1981 and it was and still is equipped with the following;

Derailleurs,Dura Ace EX,rear has the gate to remove chain easily. Cranks&pedals,600 AX "dyna-drive",same as Dura Ace except finish. Headset,600EX. Stem,600AX. Seatpin,600EX Hubs,"freehub" with the oil clips like campy record Brakes,Royal Gra Compe sidepulls from Dia Compe. Shiters,600 "arabesque?"

One other item of note,when I purchased this bike from "Crossroads Bicycles" in Chester Va. in 1981.The owner told me "come get this Miyata,it has grown to the floor down here".We'll(Jimmy&Jess Olinger) sell it to you for cost.So I know and recall it had been in the shop for a year. My take,I still preferred spaghetti to rice,but it is pretty darn good.And it is still a beauty.It looks Italian! Hope this helps,Harris Spracher Waynesboro,Va. wrote: In a message dated 4/24/04 12:49:21 PM EST, writes:
> There was a German web site that had shimano dates.

For those of you who need this, here it is:


Jan Pinkowish
Bristol, CT