Re: [CR]Campy drops for early Record, was Age of Cinelli SC frame?

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Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 21:22:15 -0700
From: Jan Heine <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Campy drops for early Record, was Age of Cinelli SC frame?

Just from memory, I don't remember seeing a mention of the spring-loaded upper pivot when Rebour showed the first Record rear derailleurs. Of course, Rebour did sometimes miss something, so that is not conclusive evidence.

I have seen aftermarket modifications where people took "Sport" upper pivots (the only pivot, in fact, which has a spring) and put them on Gran Sport (and presumably also Record) derailleurs. -- Jan Heine, Seattle Editor/Publisher Vintage Bicycle Quarterly

Mike Kone wrote: <snip>:

"I may be incorrect with my dropout understanding - but the first generation Record rear, I believe, from 1962 or 1963 had a protruding spring that needed the hole in the dropout." <snip> ++++++++++++ The early Records that I have owned and used, which may not be the earliest, did not have springs at the top pivot. Indeed, the top pivot/parallelogram base takes the same pivot bolt as the Gran Sport that preceeded it. My understanding is that the last (?) Campy rear to use the hole in the dropout was the single-jockey "Sport," and that the hole in the dropout was discontinued about 1961. However, I can't be too sure about these things: my '65 Paramount (by the serial #) has the hole in the d/o.

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