Re: [CR]Verma 'quick releases' for solid axles

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Subject: Re: [CR]Verma 'quick releases' for solid axles
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 10:46:18 -0700

The bike shop that I worked in during the early 90's, F and M Cycles, was owned by an inventor/tinkerer of sorts. He had patented a quick release mech that worked on a solid axle. He tried to bring it to market after making a bunch of prototypes but nothing came of it.

Tom Martin
Oakland CA

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> Subject: [CR]Verma 'quick releases' for solid axles
> I am not familiar with the Verma units and would dearly love to see one.
> I am familiar with a French QR unit and obtained some samples from the
> factory. I will probably remember the name of the French manufacturer after
> I send this posting.
> Oscar Junar of American Cyclery in San Francisco had some American thread on
> QR's that were very nicely made and were finished with nickle plate. Oscar
> had no idea when they were made, but knowing how much I was fascinated by
> them, he had the thoughtfulness to give then to me when he sold his shop.
> I drew some new designs for these QR's using the best aspects of the French
> and American units. Suzue accepted the project and made some for me but the
> units were never produced in volume. Hopes for sales to car rack
> manufacturers did not materialize as expected.
> As mentioned, I'd be very interested to see the Verma QR's in person or by a
> photo. Perhaps Raoul will oblige at some point as he appears to have been as
> fascinated by them as I have been.


> Hugh Enox