RE:[CR]Raleigh Pro fast back -now serial #s

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From: "Steve Birmingham" <>
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Subject: RE:[CR]Raleigh Pro fast back -now serial #s
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 19:50:31 -0400
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I get the list by digest, at the time I wrote my message, I had received just the digest with the original question. In fact our answers appear in the same digest, Vol 16, No 10.

So give me a break with the Duhh stuff, And learn how to read the time stamp in the email headers! There's actually only about a 2 hr difference. I'm replying to this On-list as you have, please keep any flames etc off- list, as I'm sure the other members have NO interest in any potential grousing.

Steve Birmingham Lowell,MA

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Steve Birmingham wrote ;
>The usual reasons for skipping a letter are things like
>C can be confused with G or O especially if it's poorly stamped F
>poorly stamped can look like E I is often skipped even when not
>stamping, it looks too much like a 1



Isn't that what I wrote SIX HOURS AGO ?

Bob Reid