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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 12:25:48 -0400

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Actually Peugeot did put a model name on their bikes, at least there's one on my 1966 PX10E. It's a "Super De Luxe". It was only when I did some inquiries via rec.bicycles.* that I discovered the bike I was given is a PX10. :-)

John Everett - Aurora, Illinois

Would this is be the gorgeous machine on the CR website's PX-10 feature??

Not only do you have a really early PX-10 but it's "Super De Luxe" as well!

Of course, I must confess I still prefer the classic white and black Peugeot team livery for PX-10s and indeed all Peugeots. It's simply what I associate with the name and it must be one of the most enduringly elegant cycle liveries of all time. That and the price is what got me to buy a UE-8 in 1974; I had spent too much travelling to France that summer as a 16 year old (sailed over on S/S FRANCE) to even contemplate a PX-10 no matter how comparitively cheap it was. I think I paid $125 for my UE-8 which was a steal. I just wish I had bought some of the great Peugeot liveried accessories and kit when I was in France... those little chequerboard top white socks were really "cool".

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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