[CR]Cirque Reflections

From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@cox.net>
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Subject: [CR]Cirque Reflections
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 20:03:51 -0400

I'm no longer a Cirque virgin and it was good, real good - far beyond any words that I am about to pen. One must experience it; and when you do, you'll want more.

Oh yeah, I'll be back next year.

I have, sadly, Chris Beyer to thank as it was his premature death that prompted me to make the choice to put Cirque before my livelihood and other typical pressing events that someone with a career and young family must choose between. This once a year splurge was the right thing for me to do.

I related to one of the many fine folks I spoke with that this was sort of like spending time with family that you like. As a kid my family was frequently spending time with our relatives and cousins. Some I liked, some I didn't. I fit in with the ones I liked. We had simple, easy going fun together and they had toys I liked. Yes, much like how Cirque felt to me; an extraordinary awakening to relive a memory and feeling lost long ago from my childhood.

Already, many have written some very nice accounts of the weekend. I'll try and lay down a few different twists and perspectives along with some that are a tad repetitive.


Don't drive 13 hours by yourself through the night arriving at 6:30am and expect to be up to much. I arrived, said hello to e-richie and Maurice Breshnahan(sp?) who happened to be in the hotel lobby. E-richie promptly said "go get some rest, we'll see you later." I did that, but felt like I was going to bed early just as a really fun party was about to start. I hit my bed and woke at about 10:30am, looked out my window and indeed the party was in full swing in the Battleground parking lot. What did I miss? How quickly could I shower and get out to meet some folks, see some of those bikes that were being pointed too and fondled? Travel during the day, get a good nights rest and start Friday fresh; I'll do that next year and so should you. If you can travel with someone, so much the better.

Occasional list misbehavior is no indicator of list members real, in person personalities. Everyone, absolutely everyone was down to earth, genuine, warm, sincere and oh so friendly. This group is special. Don't miss out as you are unlikely to ever congregate with such a diverse yet similar bunch of genuinely nice people that just happen to have a common interest in a specific niche of bikes.

Don't expect to get to know everyone. Don't expect to get to know most of the group. Do expect to get to know many people and be sure to come back each year so that over time there is a better chance of developing an even deeper relationship with this large group.

Do make a point of hanging with different people. I made a point of sitting with different people at each meal, function, etc. and came away having gotten to know more of you that way.

Dale, do make the auction a permanent and official part of the events agenda. That flooring guy (Pergo?) and his side kick (e-richie's big brother?) sure new how to work the crowd and not only was it beyond fun, beyond description and beyond anything I could have imagined but a big chunk of money was raised for such a worthy cause. Think about it, we indulge ourselves over 3 or 4 days and still make sure we give something back to those less fortunate than us. Kudos' to John or whomever came up with the auction idea last year and kudos' to all the bidders and seller's that made it all come together.

Don't believe for too long that Ozzie's younger brother, Larry "the catfish," is a full time bottom feeder at swap meets. He came to my table and fondled a pair of Campagnolo gum hoods for so long that I had to threaten him to either pay up or put them back on the table so someone else could buy them. After another 45 minutes of the little guy on his left shoulder debating with the little guy on his right shoulder he finally plunked down the money and walked away smiling. I've witnessed it, he does occasionally buy goodies from the top of the table.

Don't expect to sell at the swap and still mingle with listee's and have time to look at all the fine bikes on display. Despite sharing my booth with Paul Rauley(sp?) and us each taking turns watching the table, there just was not enough time to see all the bikes and I definitely had less time to socialize. Next year I'll just bring a few tidbits to sell and spend most of my time socializing/looking rather then selling.

Do expect the weekend to be similar to the experience of eating Chinese food. You'll go to the limit each night but shortly after have a hunger for more.

It just does not get any better then this.

Dale, thank you for being blessed with the smarts and having the drive and energy to bring us together, on list and in Greensboro.

List, thank you for being who and what you are. I am revitalized, even after driving 11.5 hours straight through the night (oh, uh, um, I took a shortcut home; wink, wink) and working on just 2.5 hours sleep.

Has the date for next years event been set?

Eric Elman
Over tired and loving it
Somers, CT