[CR]Allow me to introduce myself

Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 11:12:12 -0400
From: Tom Palermo <tom@velorider.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Allow me to introduce myself


I posted a message without formally introducing myself so here goes. My name and stuff is below so see that for the who and where.

Basically, I've been into bikes now for about 12 years. I started as a mountain biker and that is still my 1st love...the East Coast has the best singletrack...regardless of what the Marin county and Rocky Mountain folks will tell you. Anyway, I spent a couple of years doing the shop wrench thing at REI in College Park, MD after college (go Terps!!) which is how I met Jill Dimauro. In fact the whole entire crew at Proteus all came from the REI bike shop. I was Master Tech, then Jill (owner of Proteus), then Jake (head mechanic at Proteus and BMX nutter).

I slowly got into road bikes and eventually an interest in framebuilding developed. I worked at Outback Bikes for a little while when it was in its death throes but I learned a lot about using a B-port vertical mill (has to be the coolest tool ever made) and other framebuilding basics. I've spent the last year and a few months helping to get Proteus back on its feet and refurbishing the framebuilding equipment/supplies. Now we have a 300sq. foot framebuilding shop where I'm learning a lot about using an 8" half-round file (has to be the coolest tool ever made) and I'm currently working on my fourth frame. I rode the 3rd one at the Cirque - Reynolds 531 oversize (this is actually an ATB set), Columbus SL chainstays, Dedaccia Zero Uno seatstays, Sachs lugs, Pacenti Kellog bb shell and a super cool $4 Rustoleum grey primer paint job. I was also fortunate enough to show it to Richard Sachs, Kirk Pacenti (Richard and Kirk probably cringed when they saw that slick paint job on top of their beautiful castings), and Simon from Bilenky (the stem on that blue Bilenky was wild) at the show on Sunday which was the opportunity of a lifetime.

My bikes include: Outback hardtail mountain bike, Outback ELOS road frame (currently retired), "Palermo" 531 road frame - my 3rd self-made frame - with parts from the Outback road frame, Ritchey Swiss Cross (soon to be converted to Nitto Moustache bars and barcons) and a Robin Hood - mixte frame, coaster brake - which is my only vintage bike and is also my beater bike. I also recently acquired a nice Bob Jackson with a cracked drive side dropout that I plan to repair. It's too big for me but I'm sure I can find a home for it. I also have a 1st generation stumpjumper FSR frame (the worst bike I ever owned), and a Klein Fervor mountain bike frame (the fastest bike I ever owned - and currently being converted to singlespeed since it has track style dropouts). I know, no vintage (except the Robin Hood) bikes in that lineup so I suppose I'm sort of a heretic in that sense. I wish had that Reynolds 531 Raleigh Pro bike I worked on once at REI. It was painted in the colors of the old Raleigh team and rode oh so nice (yes, it was taken out for an "extended" test ride).

Thanks for a great weekend at the Cirque, Tom

Tom Palermo
Proteus Bicycles
9217 Baltimore Blvd.
College Park, MD 20740