[CR]Thanks to all for a great time at cirque

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From: <Marcgarcia80@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 12:12:23 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Thanks to all for a great time at cirque

Well as many have stated Cirque was an amazing experience. It was my first time at this event and I can't wait until next year. Everyone was extremely friendly and I felt especially welcomed when Dale Brown recognized my name during registration for the ride on sunday. How he was able to do that with everything he has going on is amazing to me.

Overall, yes it was an amazing weekend. There were a few mishaps however. Friday night my girlfriend had an allergic reaction and we wound up in the hospital until 4 AM (thankfully it wasn't too serious but it did include an asthma attack which kept her from attending any of the rides). I managed to make it for the ride on saturday although the lack of sleep was definately felt. The ride was great, but I forgot my water bottles in the car. Another rider genourously offered me one of his bottles so I didn't die of dehydration. I haven't been on that large of a ride in a while and I forgot how much I love the sound of 50 plus feet clipping into their pedals.

The sunday ride was great as well. I remembered my water but missed the first turn and got lost for a bit. I think I stayed on Pisgah Church Road and followed that straight to Yanceyville Road and made a right and went about a mile before I realized I was alone and going in the wrong direction. I pulled out the map and figured out where I could meet up with the original route. It was a relaxing ride but I was alone for most of it.

The show and swap was breathe taking. I didn't stay very long because I wanted to do a little sight seeing with my girlfriend since she wasn't able to participate in the rides and I didn't want here to feel as though she did nothing interesting all weekend long. I was looking for a raleigh internationl or professional to purchas but there was nothing to be found, which was a bit surprising to me. There were two bikes I regretted not purchasing the entire drive home and I was hoping maybe someone on the list can direct me to the people who were selling them. The first was a yellow colnago, 70's model, nuovo record, it was in the first room (the smaller of the two) and in the corner. I believe the gentleman was offering a free jersery with it.

The second was a rudge clubman frame, fork and handle bars, it was a little rough. This was in the second room and along the left long wall. I know this is a bit of a tall order but any help would be appreciated.

The mishaps over the weekend didn't allow me to socialize as much as I would have liked. None the less, it was a great time with great people.