[CR]Cirque '04: Magnifico!

Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 16:22:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ron Gurth <rononice@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Cirque '04: Magnifico!

This will certainly be a memorable Cirque for me, my 4th. It cost me more money than I dreamed, and I came home with very little cool stuff. All due to the total disater that is my car, and having to haul it home behind a rental truck. Oh, well. There was no injury, save the pocketbook, and I'll live to tell the tale again. and get back to future Cirques! Maybe I'll fly in next time. The IN and southwest OH contingent may rent a big van and trip in together, so Aldo and I don't have to worry about breakdowns. And Mike S. has room for his trike. (Wasn't that Cool!?!) Highlights: Battleground parking lot/lobby meeting friends old and new and late night sessions looking at and fondling bikes and talking/laughing.

Getting lost (again) on the Friday "leasurly" ride that took me anarobic to catch what I thought was the lead group. Like sheep, we'll follow anybody on a fixed gear! I've been lost on every Friday ride, but at least with a group, except the 1st time I came down, and I controlled the map. The faster riders had to wait for me at the turns!

Friday nght at Dale's. Thanks Dale and your lovely wife for the great hospitality. She is a brave woman.

Aldo Ross making it! And man, did he score big on the 40's chrome beauty.

All the speakers on Saturday! Talia captured our hearts in a way we never expected. She sees the beauty we do in the simple, elegant lines of the Bicycle, and showed it to us in a new and wonderful way. When she showed a painting and there was worn handlebar tape hanging, I knew I was lost. I forgot about my Jeep for a while.

Great dinners with Great people!

John P's Auction!!! What a riot! Big money raised for Make-A-Wish! And the generosity and humor of all were highlighted.

The SHOW and the tables! fabulous treasures to be drooled over! Masi's, Cinellis, and too many to name. The builders: Weigle, Kvale (sp?), Sachs, Bayless, Bilenkey. Can you believe that stem and fork crown on the Blue one?

Too soon its the end. But the CR list lets us keep the flame burning all year. Thanks to all who wished me well and proffered good advice, like Mack from Atlanta.

Here's something to think about: My daughter called me, on Friday, I think, and said "so you're at, like, a bicycle convention?" then, "They have conventions for everything. A guy I work with is at a chainmail convention this weekend." Makes what we do seem kinda normal. Thanks to all involved. Seeya next year.

Ron Gurth commuting by bike in Carmel, IN

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