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Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 17:31:06 -0700

Now you are talking. Could the "Magic Bus" start in LA and pick me up in Arizona? What a long strange trip it would be for the Merry Cranksters.

Ken Wallace

Standing by the roadside in Bisbee AZ

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The "bus" could leave from Old Lyme, CT and go thru Chester, CT and then on

to New Haven, CT all before NYC ??

Jim Kerr

New Haven, CT ( a burb of Chester )

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Subject: Cirque Transportation: WasRE: [CR]Cirque '04: Magnifico!

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>Subject: [CR]Cirque '04: Magnifico!

>Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 16:22:18 -0700 (PDT)


>This will certainly be a memorable Cirque for me, my 4th. It cost me more

money than I dreamed, and I came home with very little cool stuff. All due

to the total disater that is my car, and having to haul it home behind a

rental truck. Oh, well. There was no injury, save the pocketbook, and I'll

live to tell the tale again. and get back to future Cirques! Maybe I'll

fly in next time. The IN and southwest OH contingent may rent a big van and

trip in together, so Aldo and I don't have to worry about breakdowns. And

Mike S. has room for his trike. (Wasn't that Cool!?!)

Steve Maasland and I were talking about this on the trip home, probably

about the time when the rain was blowing sideways, the van was rocking in

the gusts and visibility was down to a few feet.

I wonder how hard it would be to rent a tour bus and leave the driving to

them? How many bikes can you fit in a bus? East coast wise, I can see the

Cirque bus starting Thurs nite in the NYC area around 7:00 pm, stopping in

Philly to pick up additional riders at 9:00 and one last stop in the

Baltimore DC area round midnight. Then off to Greensboro arriving sometime

around 7:00 am Friday, and no one had to drive. Then it leaves Greensboro

around 4:00 pm Sunday, and we get home about 2:00 in the morning, but we've

been able to nap on the way. We'll have "A Sunday in Hell" and "Stars and

Watercarriers" playing on the bus video.

Obviously not good for folks bringing 3-4 bikes and swap items, but great

for folks who didn't want to fly or drive solo. Anyone with some experience

on how to arrange these, and what it might cost? The fly in the ointment,

no doubt, is the two day layover in Greensboro.

Tom Adams, already planning for next year in Shrewsbury NJ.


>Ron Gurth

>commuting by bike in

>Carmel, IN