Re: [CR]A thought on Cirque

Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 15:37:29 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]A thought on Cirque


I think we should enact a law! Everyone MUST attend at least once. I was talking to two of my good friends, Joe Bell and Sterling Peters, to whom I said that very thing yesterday. If you people think having Jan Johnson, John Pergolizzi, Matt Gorski, and Peter Weigle (my favorite "funsters" in the crowd) all together in one place at one time is wild; just wait until we get JB out of the house! I was really pleased that Charles Andrewes made it out for the first time; it was good to have him there to make us guys from the west feel more like home. I missed Jay Vande Velde. I was hoping Curt Goodrich was going to make it. Curt, plan for next year; I predict a milestone event.

Let's try to get next year booked now. My partner Craig Fenstermaker will be comming out also. I generally don't have time to plan anything special for the event; but this next one I'm thinking will be different. I think the trend of each year getting bigger and better is great, but we must each bring a little something extra to the table next year.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA Been very busy the past few days; having a hard time getting to my computer. Crap.

-- scott davis wrote:

If there is a vintage bike god, he would declare that "every vintage cycle fan shall shall attend Cirque de Cyclisme at least once." It is the Mecca of vintage bikes! Beware of the stampede at the Pergie auction. Just my mortal opinion. Scott Davis in St. Paul, MN

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