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No, Swiss BB's have identical dimensions to French except only that the fixed cup is left-hand thread. I think this is from the factory. I've seen Swiss-threaded Motobecanes before and heard of lower-end Peugeots being Swiss, but never encountered Swiss on a high-end Peugeot before. This is a model marketed in Europe, and came from a list member in Germany. There are several other variations compared to what we saw on Peugeots in the US. Maybe the Swiss thread is just one more. Swiss BB thread actually made a lot of sense, as it helped prevent the fixed cup from working loose, but still used metric dimensions. On strictly technical merits, ISO should have adopted Swiss BB's as the standard, but its market penetration was just too small, and the Japanese manufacturers and the US market caused ISO to go with English threading, even though it wasn't metric.


Jerry Moos
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<< Now that Cirque is over, we return to more mundane concerns. Like removing a stuck Stronglight BB. As posted to the list, I had struggled for weeks trying to remove a Stronglight fixed cup in a mid/late 70's Peugeot PY-10 purchased from a list member. As suggested by list members, bought a propne torch, and heated the cup. This was successful in loosening the cup. But it turned out the cup was - believe it or not - SWISS. Never seen Swiss thread before in a top model Peugeot. The cup has two flats with one ring, which Sutherlands says is Italian - WRONG!! The cup is marked 35x1 but no indication that it is a Swiss LH thread as opposed to a French RH thread. There must have been locktite applied, as no amount of wrench force worked without heating. So new data point - even top model Peugeots can possibly have Swiss threaded BB's.


Jerry Moos Houston, TX >>


Delighted too hear that you finally got the sucker off. And thanks for the info about the Swiss threads... that is certainly an interesting bit of info. What is the overall diameter of the swiss BB, is it larger than the French? Do you suppose it is possible that someone rethreaded it to fix a stripped or ovalized BB?

Bob Hovey Columbus, GA

PS: Nice to finally meet you.