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Has anyone ever replaced the tube in a tubular?

http://www.tirealert.com/ This company in Clearwater Fl replaces the tubes

in tubular tires. At $20 for the first tire they are getting expensive,

but.......In my experience, the resulting repaired tire is going to fit looser on

the rim than a new tubular of the same make. But, they replace the tube,

restitch and glue on new base tape. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL


hello lou,

they probably just cut a tube in two, tie it to the old one and pull it around. Untie it, splice it back together and stitch up a small hole, glue the tape and you are done. No loose fit to speak of.

I'd be shocked if anyone could stitch a whole tire up for $20.00, then glue the tape and throw in the tube for that. If it's true I want this guy workin for me. Is his name David?

Yours in Cycling,

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