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Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 15:42:40 EDT
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Wow and still only $20. He may have the tooling but it's easier to splice a tube than rip out old stitching sometimes.

A sewing machine is only semi-automated. He might put a new base tape on because original ones after being used are so beat up they spoil the work. But who knows. Lets ask him. The reason I thought he splices in new tubes was a Velonews interview with a fellow like this 20 years ago and when asked if he split the tire to install a tube his reply was as I remember, "NO WAY JACK, I splice in a new tube."

The price is right. Lets support this guy! He is a wizard.

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"I'd be shocked if anyone could stitch a whole tire up for $20.00, then glue the tape and throw in the tube for that. If it's true I want this guy workin for me. Is his name David?"


Actually, I do believe he splits the entire carcass, installs a new tube, and re-sews it.

The reason I believe this is because he always glues a new base-tape on. Why bother doing that if you just splice the new tube back together at the existing break?

I have been told by a couple of different people over the years, who may or may not have known what they were talking about, that the guy who runs this business bought some custom tooling from Clement or Victoria or someone in Italy, and he has the same tooling those companies had/have for assembling tires.

This could be inaccurate, but it seems likely he has *some* sort of specific semi-automated tooling for the job.

Charles Andrews
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