[CR]World Cycling Productions goes retro

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Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 15:07:06 EDT
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Subject: [CR]World Cycling Productions goes retro

I was browsing through the latest copy of World Cycling Productions catalog and there are a couple of things of interest.

I had never see the "retro styled" Selle Italia Storika Saddle. Think SLR and Brooks. Like the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commericals, somebody got their chocolate in my Peanut Butter but I don't think this result is as good! Got a whole Dr. Frankenstien thing happenin.

They have a very retro DeMarchi Audace Jersey listed and some very pretty Crochet gloves:)

Also, there is a brief history of Pinarello on page 48. Below is a snippet:

"By 1957, Pinarello bikes were competing in the national market, and by 1960 pro cyclists were riding Pinarello bikes. In 1966 Pinarello had its first international victory by Guido de Rosso in the Tour d'Avenir. By the mid 1970's, the Jolly Ceramica team was riding Pinarellos and the bikes had become well-known. In 1980 Pinarello affiliated itself with Inoxpran, an experienced team captained by Giovanna Battaglin. For the first time, the Pinarello logo was seen on a team jersey as an official sponsor. Inoxpran was a highly successful team, and in 1981 captured two victories in international racing - the Vuelta a'Espana and the Giro d'Italia. Pinarello got a further boost in 1984, when an American Cyclist, Alexi Grewal, won the gold medal in the Olympis road race."

Ok, after I typed that I found this link, same exact thing:


And I thought that was a Pinarello badged Huffy.?.? :D

Speaking of history. Why hasn't Campagnolo developed a history section on their site? If Mavic has one and even Speedplay, why not Campagnolo??? They have this but it could be so much more!

http://www.campagnolo.com/history.php http://www.campagnolo.com/trademarks.php

Mike Wilkinson
Castle Rock, CO