Re: [CR]Gallic Frenzy Was (snip) - or a Gran Jubile complete?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Gallic Frenzy Was (snip) - or a Gran Jubile complete?
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 16:10:18 -0400

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Subject: [CR]Gallic Frenzy Was (snip) - or a Gran Jubile complete?

> Is this the pre '05 Cirque buying frenzy to get a french bike into your hands?

Sounds like it. Today I rode my PX-10e on my usual 18-mile roundtrip on the Capital Crescent trail here in Washington (Georgetown to Bethesda r/t) and passed no fewer than three other Peugeots (two AO-8s and a later 1970s model I couldn't quite i.d.). This is a veritable Path de Peugeot; on weekdays I usually see two mixte frames UE-8s ridden by commuters. I've also spotted an occasional Gitane and Motobecane plus one minty Peugeot folding bike. Classic Raleighs are rare around here except the occasional Super Course and Competition.

Now my sometimes cycle partner wants a Peugeot... I guess he should snap one of the Gitanes on offer!

Peter Kohler
Washington DC USA