[CR]Re: rims for 50s British bikes to the Great Change Over

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Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 03:50:05 EDT
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Subject: [CR]Re: rims for 50s British bikes to the Great Change Over

Please explain this "change over period" to us neophyte Anglophiles.
>Craig Montgomery Tucson, Arizona

> Most things are fashion or fad driven cycling being no different. Prior to
> 1939 the normal wheel size in the UK was 26". Sometime after the war Dunlop
> amongst others who were rim makers and tyre manufactures decided to
> introduce the 27" rim to corner the market. This is what I have been told by
> the old-timers. By the early 1950's the normal British standard rim size
> being ridden was the 27". The 26" being virtually extinct and only ridden by
> a few of the old diehards.
> Michael Butler Huntingdon UK

This is what I thought you were talking about Mick. I have a copy of a '38 Bates catalogue I got from Chuck. 26" was pretty standard, but even then you had the option for 27" on some models. Generally, judging from the illustrations, track and racers were 27", touring and "business" bikes were 26". I'm about to put together my pre-War Bates with 700c's. It was originally spec'ed for 26", but there's still plenty of room for the taller wheels. Flipping through this catalogue is a joy. The variety of goodies, the options available was impressive. The only real limitations seemed to be the gearing.....no grannies for us oldsters. As my dad used to say: "Get out and walk."

Craig Montgomery in Tucson, AZ