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Subject: Re: [CR]more on correct rims for 50s British bikes
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 10:43:44 -0500

Were tubular, or I think the Brits say "sprint" rims ever 27", or were these always 700C? If sprint wheels were 700C at the time Raleigh "invented" 27", it does indeed seem an odd decision to introduce a rim only 8 mm larger, just different enough to make it difficult to switch between Sprints and clinchers.


Jerry Moos
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Subject: [CR]more on correct rims for 50s British bikes

> To add to what Mick wrote ;
> 26" ( x 1.1/4" & x 1.3/8") continued well into the mid 1980s and later in
> a few instances - but generally only on a flat bar sport's / utility
> machines and not "racing" bicycles notably from the bigger manufacturers
> like Falcon / Elswick-Hopper et al... rather than the small lightweight
> builders where choice was everything.
> I once heard from what I'd consider a reliable source, that Raleigh
> (euphemistically) "invented" the 27" size in conjunction with their once
> buddies Dunlop, as yet another 24 / 26 tpi effort by Raleigh to
> non-standardise everything - perhaps in competition with the "continental"
> 700 size, that was to ultimately fail as other manufacturers in the UK,
> small and large took up and ran with 27". I've never followed up just how
> true or not that was - anyone else like to comment ?


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