[CR]re: 70s Gitane Tour de France

From: "David Clementson" <dclement@speakeasy.net>
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Subject: [CR]re: 70s Gitane Tour de France
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 23:44:25 -0700

I bought my Gitane TdF slightly used in 73 or 74 - don't remember exactly which - and it came with Stronglight cranks. I don't know if they were original or not, though, as the bike had some other modifications when I got it. The Simplex derailleurs had been upgraded to Campy NR, and in the process, the Simplex dropout had its derailleur boss cut off and plate installed in its place (I have since repaired the dropout by TIG'ing on a Campy boss). The frame is white, with those same cheap, ugly decals, chrome on half of the seat and chainstays, and a chrome fork crown. It has no traces of any chainstay decals. The 531 decal was obliterated by a City of Palo Alto fireman when he put a bike license directly on top of it. I still remember that trauma. Its SN is 510277.

Now that the honeymoon with the new Waterford is over, I'm restoring the her to rideable, but non-period condition. Just today I swapped out her rear NR for a long cage Shimano 105, as my advancing age and bad knee require me gear her lower and wider. Actually, I hope to put triples on her, so she may end up with Suginos after all these years. On that topic, can anyone recommend a modern, triple-compatible BB for her French threads? I kind of hate to have her rethreaded, but I guess since her dropouts have already been defiled, she ain't no virgin.

Dave Clementson Palo Alto, CA

---David Feldman <feldmanbike@yahoo.com> wrote:

>>IIRC the Sugino cranks were Gitane standard equipment

>>@1973-74; Gitane and Motobecane were more

>>international in their parts picks than Peugeot,

>>Lejeune, Bertin in the same period.