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Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 14:27:36 -0700
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I think that Fausto on an 8 speed might be able to beat Lance on a 20 speed. That said, the main problem, IMO, with being competitive and racing archaic equipment is metal fatigue. Steel and especially aluminum will only hold up to a certain number of cycles of stress, eventually the part breaks. When racing the last thing the rider wants to worry about is his stem, or other part breaking. chris ioakimedes Fairfax California

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I would say that it is not the bike frame that you are comparing but the components as well. I can easily imagine one frame competing against another. I cannot imagine a downtube friction shifter competing with today's indexed brifters. Nor can I imagine the braking efficiency or control being the same. You have to admit that it is a lot easier to keep your hands on the bars, shift right to the correct gear and lock it in. Now try that same thing with downtube friction levers. There has to be a difference. You don't need to wish for a head to head race. How are the records holding up for the same races on the same routes, etc.

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