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Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 22:21:49 -0500

I think there are too many variables for this to prove anything about equipment. The grand tours follow a different route every year and even a stage over a given climb may follow a slightly different route for part of the stage. Even the exact routes of one day classics change a bit. Plus the road surfaces change - no more dirt roads in the Pyrenees like in the early days of the Tour and cobbled road are becoming museum pieces. Plus in a stage race, the time in a stage will be affected by the difficulty of the preceding stages and perhaps even the following stages, as riders pace themselves for the whole event, not just one day. Plus even if it is true that the times are coming down, this could be due to the diet and training methods, not only of the winners, but of their team members. With more money in the sport today, teams can pay guys to serve as domestiques who would have been team leaders in the past, which no doubt increases the overall pace. It's not nearly as simple as comparing Michael Schumaker's winning time in this year's Ferrari to that in last year's Ferrari on a course that hasn't been revised or resurfaced in the meantime.


Jerry Moos
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> Jan Heine wrote:
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> > Or consider this: Rominger's hour record was faster than Indurain's,
> > Rominger used the modern Shimano, yet it was Indurain who won 5 Tours
> > (and only one or two on Ergo, if I remember correctly), Rominger
> > none. In the very least, it shows that race results aren't too
> > instructive.
> I think you misunderstood me:
> Race results as in the elapsed times for the same races and stages year
> after year is a downward trend in times, not who won what.
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